Readers and Writers Communities – Free Stories

I discovered two websites where young writers can publish their work for free. Such websites are a good place to “test our pens” and get some feedback. Sign up is free on both these websites and you can both publish their stories and read other people’s stories.

The website caters to any group age and publishes stories for everyone!

What I really like about it is that you can publish your stories divided in chapters and the amount of characters seems unlimited. You can create a cover page for your story, you have publishing options and can rate your own story. This way, you can protect the young audience from the “gory” and “naughty” aspects of life and allow them to keep their innocence a few moments longer.

At first glance, the writing community is young; there are a lot of teen fiction stories and authors who are probably of the same age. However, if you are patient and browse by categories, you just might find gems.

Similar to Wattpad, Booksie caters to anyone who signs up. However, it seems to attract an older audience and I think it has a lot to do with the design. Booksie has a more sober look.

One thing I really like about the website is the ability to create an e-book that comes automatically with your own copyrights on it.

Speaking of copyrights, read the policies before publishing. Ignorance is no excuse in front of the law.


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