Who Said Psychology was Useless?

Personally, I like psychology. People’s uniqueness, their dysfunctions, their quirks, and even their irrational side fascinate me. Put it all together and you have a character that has the potential to recreate his or her life endlessly.

Personally, I have a dysfunctional with my female characters. On the one hand, I have no difficulty figuring out how my key male character processes the action and his feelings about both the action and the main female character. On the other hand, she remains mysterious, as big an enigma to the readers as she is to the hero. I rarely tell her side of the story unless doing so is relevant, as if disclosing her inner working would be sacrilege. Everybody gets to know her when he does.

I suppose this deserves a few hours of psychoanalysis…

Meanwhile, I found this gem of a website: Archetype Writing.

Designed for writers, this website is both informative and inspiring. Creating believable, riveting and charming characters remains crucial and having access to supporting information can only help.

Go look for yourself!


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