A Character is Fed Up!

I am getting sick and tired of depending on your whims. You offer no support but the one I find in your non-opposing behaviour. No council, no advice, no care in expanding my perspective.

You fail pal! I have no use for you as you simply fail to be there, to be concerned, to engage in a conversation that doesn’t have the word sex in it.

I’ve always thought you were too shallow for my liking; there is little depth in you but the depth of your hedonism.

You are as mute and remote as he was, and if it weren’t for sex, you and I would have nothing to talk about. I want some sort of connection, the sorts of things that I just know is there because I feel it… something that I don’t need to tell myself I have to work at.

If sex’s all you can think of to tickle my interest, you are so grossly mistaken. I’m tired of being alone. I want an equal; somebody who can measure up, somebody who doesn’t turn skittish when I sneeze!


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