Oh Imagination!

It occurred to me the other day that writers are the sickest people on Earth, next to Alzheimer patients and schizophrenic people.

Do I hear some gasping and booing in the audience?

Perhaps I should explain.

A writer’s mind is a very scary place.

Sometimes, creativity is a response to stress. Sometimes, it is the release of some unspoken emotion, or the symptom of an overworking brain, for whichever reason, done through analogies and metaphors, spoken from a different standpoint, blown out of proportion and more melodramatic than it would be in reality.

A writer needs an idea, some imagination, and a bit of writing style and there comes the book, the novella, the short story.

To tell a story, to depict a scene, one has to visualize it. It is more often than not fictitious, thus unreal… and that’s when my doubt about their sanity comes in.

A good writer will be able to trigger your sensitivity and hit a sensitive cord that will make you cry or rejoice with a character. The authors’ ability to feel what they visualize is essential so they convey it successfully to the reader. I am of that type of readers. If the writing is well done, the rhythm of the story is good, I won’t put down the book until I am done. I will feel with the character its despair, its helplessness, its hope and its successes. It takes more than just using the right words, or the right writing process, or the right rhetoric device to achieve that. It is the sound knowledge of the subject that changes mere words into feelings and that put these feelings into words.

I believe that a writer first entertains himself with his writing. He writes the story the way he wants it to be, from his own standpoint on the matter, from his own understanding of it, or his own experience. He writes to be heard. (As I have told a friend of mine, whatever doesn’t find its way to my lips will find its way to my fingers.) He also writes to paint his life, through his brush (his character), with his own choice of colors, just temporarily. It brings relief from the boredom or the painful reality of life, of his life

My link between writers and  schizophrenia and Alzheimer’s disease?

The author has to believe in what he writes, though it is fictitious, though it is unreal. All three live in their own “bubble”. The writer needs to do it for the sake of credibility, to bring the reader into his story. Add your own conviction to whatever you are doing, be it writing, singing, painting, or playing music, and that is what will make you an artist instead of a practitioner. A writer feeds on beauty and drama, allowing little room to reality, refusing to see it most of the time, and denying it any vote as to the way his character’s life should be. Writers are eccentric, artists are eccentric simply because they prefer to have reality running in the background instead of the forefront. It means in no way that they don’t know what reality is; I think they are the most aware of it. They chose to bypass it and allow their creativity to bloom enough to write. Contrarily to the “victims” of the aforementioned sicknesses, a writer does it by choice each time he writes…

Now I don’t know about you, but it sounds rather scary to me!

That’s why I write! Is that not a wonderful ability?

N.B.: The author of this blog has no defamatory or derogatory intent toward either people suffering from schizophrenia or Alzheimer. This was a humoristic attempt in portraying that these three types of people live in an altered reality, the writer does by choice, and the two other types do not have that option.


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