Jade Casey is the proud mother of two sweet teenagers.  She and her family live in Canada. She enjoys a quiet life, has the best of friends, and does a lot of what she likes.

One of her childhood  dreams consists of writing a book and getting it published. While this day has yet to arrive, she keeps writing for the simple pleasure she finds in the creation process, in indulging in her voyeuristic tendencies by watching the lives of her characters evolve and relaying to you how they make out.

An interesting tidbit lies in the fact that English is her second language. Please bear with the inconsistent  style and level of language, the syntactical atrocities and the “clear as mud” sequences you will find in the stories. A word of advice: try to focus on the spirit of the stories and not on the letter.

Thank you!

2 thoughts on “About

  1. Saunsea

    I think your writing is great! Put the words out the way you think they need to be put, and let others feel the spirit from the arrangement. I think that’s what you do 🙂

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