I write like…

Too awesome not to share!

I write like
Mark Twain

I Write Like. Analyze your writing!

It comes from one of those fun tests whose scientific bases are debatable, but still, it felt good.

All I had to do was copy and paste a few paragraphs of my unpublished novel and this is the result it generated.

Test your writing too!


How Blogs Make you a Better Writer

I believe so!


That’s what the education blogs say–if kids read/write blogs, they get better at writing. Why is that?

  1. You have to be concise in a blog. People don’t want a novel. They want something that will help them in, say, a minute (that seems to be the average time people spend on a post)
  2. You have to be pithy. People don’t want to waste even that sixty seconds. They may get tricked the first time by a snazzy title, but not again. So, you have to put your thoughts together in a cogent and concise arrangement.
  3. There are so many bloggers out there, you have to get the idea across that you know your topic and you’re smart enough to discuss it in that one minute your reader has invested. How do you do that? Watch grammar and spelling. Pick a topic you know about. If it’s an opinion, pick…

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A Character is Fed Up!

I am getting sick and tired of depending on your whims. You offer no support but the one I find in your non-opposing behaviour. No council, no advice, no care in expanding my perspective.

You fail pal! I have no use for you as you simply fail to be there, to be concerned, to engage in a conversation that doesn’t have the word sex in it.

I’ve always thought you were too shallow for my liking; there is little depth in you but the depth of your hedonism.

You are as mute and remote as he was, and if it weren’t for sex, you and I would have nothing to talk about. I want some sort of connection, the sorts of things that I just know is there because I feel it… something that I don’t need to tell myself I have to work at.

If sex’s all you can think of to tickle my interest, you are so grossly mistaken. I’m tired of being alone. I want an equal; somebody who can measure up, somebody who doesn’t turn skittish when I sneeze!

Your writer’s platform needs to be unique, like you

What makes you unique is what makes you stand out from the pack. Use it! Showcase it! Let it take flight and enjoy the journey.

Here are some very good advice and encouragements from Lisa L. Jackson.

Live to Write - Write to Live

The adage of ‘if you build it they will come’ can be applied to a writer’s platform.

If you build a strong platform, business will find its way to you.

Building a platform doesn’t happen over night, let’s say that right at the start. Most likely, the experience may turn out to be something like a successful author who says “It took me 8 years to become an overnight success.” No one, except you, truly knows the effort you put in to building your business. But with a strong platform, one day everything will click into place and you’ll realize the effort was worth it.

So, what goes into a strong writer’s platform? Here are some pieces to consider:

  • Your website and/or blog is a great place to start. Make sure to have your photo, bio, some samples of your work, descriptions of past projects, and a list of…

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It’s Okay to Be Afraid – Accept the Challenge Anyway!

Be brave!

Live to Write - Write to Live

I’m amazed at how many times I hear people not only say they are afraid to try new things, but they actually avoid trying new things. I knew someone who wouldn’t eat any food he’d never eaten before.

We’re all born with a blank slate. Every thing has a first time (including what we like to eat). Why weren’t we afraid from the very start? Because we didn’t know any better.

When was the last time you did something for the first time?

Each writer has different strengths and interests and we come about them in various ways. We had to learn how to:

  • write
  • spell
  • read
  • craft sentences/paragraphs/stories
  • come up with ideas
  • outline
  • research
  • use a card catalog (dewey decimal) at the library
  • do online Internet searches
  • understand grammar
  • learn writing rules
  • and so on

We didn’t one day wake up as writers or have a writing business. Everything…

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Why not!

English: Logo of french publisher Léon Vanier
English: Logo of french publisher Léon Vanier (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I follow a few published authors on Facebook and one of them posted that she had snow on the ground from the early morning, a fire running in her fireplace, and a mug of hot coffee in her hand. Then she added that she was ready to start writing.

I found myself feeling rather envious and posted on her wall that I wished I had a job similar to hers. Do you know what she replied to that? She replied, “I wish you would!”

Hum, that got me thinking. It is obvious she thinks she has the greatest job in the world (and I agree with her!). And her comment also told me that being an author is not about clinging to one’s own share of the market; it is about pleasing one’s readers and not holding on to one’s income. And that prompted, “Why not!” I am the only one standing between my current employment and that job.

Thanks Pam!