Why not!

English: Logo of french publisher Léon Vanier
English: Logo of french publisher Léon Vanier (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I follow a few published authors on Facebook and one of them posted that she had snow on the ground from the early morning, a fire running in her fireplace, and a mug of hot coffee in her hand. Then she added that she was ready to start writing.

I found myself feeling rather envious and posted on her wall that I wished I had a job similar to hers. Do you know what she replied to that? She replied, “I wish you would!”

Hum, that got me thinking. It is obvious she thinks she has the greatest job in the world (and I agree with her!). And her comment also told me that being an author is not about clinging to one’s own share of the market; it is about pleasing one’s readers and not holding on to one’s income. And that prompted, “Why not!” I am the only one standing between my current employment and that job.

Thanks Pam!